Project Reference: BFI16

Group / Project Name: 犇犇OX

Module: Multimedia Group Project

Our project is an immersive installation based on stereotypes. The tent space is divided into three areas, featuring video and lighting installation, as well as the main stage.

Stereotypes have many negative effects. We wanted to use this installation to make people aware and think about how stereotypes affect their lives.

We use Raspberry Pi for lighting control and our art to inspire thought and reflection on how stereotypes affect lives and society.

Name:Lin Yuqing
Bio:methodical and cautious. Do things with a plan

Name: Li Zhen
Role:Light installation designer
Bio:Li is precise and methodical in her work.

Name: Jiang Jingyi
Role:Light installation designer
Bio:Jiang is practical, is careful, and pays close attention to details.

Name: Hu Die
Bio:Hu is known for quick and perceptive thinking, as well as being creative and innovative.

Name: Zhao Guo
Role:Purchasing and logistics
Bio:Zhao is good at managing money and dealing with people

Name: Li Wenwen
Bio:Li is studious and good at coding.