Project Reference: BFI18

Group / Project Name: 2/gambit

Module: Multimedia Group Project

A data visualization website that displays the connection between historical events and the userÕs birthday through an interactive timeline.

This project implements a data visualization method to help more people to understand major events in world history. Our website links these events to the user’s birthdays to create a sense of immersion. In addition, we will use this project to study the relationship between the time people spend in online learning and the difficulty of data acquisition.

Name: Yu Jichen
Role: Project manager
Bio: Yu is responsible for coordinating team work. She is able to manage the work progress in time, and control the quality of work.

Name: Sun Xiaoyu
Role: Research/ui design
Bio: Sun is good at the processing data, evaluating index , and UX research.

Name: Hu Fan
Role: Data collection
Bio: Hu is a master of Digital Art.

Name: Deng Yuepeng
Role: Front-end code design/consultant
Bio: Deng is an art creator and pioneer in code.

Name: Deng Yulong
Role: Data analysis
Bio: Deng is good at data processing, and has keen data analysis ability. Deng has accurate, and detailed understanding of market conditions and trends.

Name: Feng Shuo
Role: Ui design/big hun
Bio:Feng is the king of visual arts.