Project Reference: DT129

Student’s Name: Benjamin Mitchell

Project title: A Comparison of Animation Workflows in the Creation of 3D Previsualisations

Course Title: Film Technology and Visual Effects

Supervisor’s Name: Lianne Forbes

To compare two animation workflows

“Previsualisations are a key part of most film and television productions. Currently, previsualisations are mainly created for larger budget projects as opposed to smaller indie production companies or independent filmmakers. Due to the commitment of time and resources in their creation these smaller entities would not benefit as much compared to larger companies. For this reason, this paper is focused on identifying what style of workflow would benefit smaller studios by testing them against each other using participants with little to no knowledge of animation software and have them create a previsualisation based on storyboards given to them. One group will use standard keyframe animation while the other will use motion capture data from an online source to create their pre visualisations, while they are creating their pre visualisations they will need to keep a record of the length of time it takes for them to create it, the amount of times they need to seek external assistance through tutorials provided to them and finally once they have completed their pre visualisations they will need to complete a questionnaire to help assess the quality and usability of the workflow. The data collected from this experiment proved that the motion capture workflow was the superior in all areas, on average it was faster in creating the workflows, users required less assistance when using it and users rated it superior in the questionnaires.

This project aims to assist in the creation of previsualisations with the aim to benefit smaller and independent filmmakers when it comes to them being able to create their own previsualisations. This is done by showing which of the workflows selected is faster, easier and simpler to understand when coming from a background with little to no animation.