Project Reference: CS111

Student’s Name: Amaritpal Singh Mudher

Project title: Adapting images to successfully hide and exchange data over a network

Course Title: Computer Forensics

Supervisor’s Name: Shahid Shabir

To be able to successfully hide data on a network through the use of steganographic exploitation.

Steganography is a unique technique which is mainly used to conceal information within various other types of data. This particular technique has matured with time as uses can be seen dated back to the 5th century BC where the ancient Greeks would tattoo messages on the scalps of slaves. Fast forward to the 21st century and this particular technology has developed to work with digital technology. The aim of this project is to research, design and create a program that adapts images in steganographic way, to enable the transition and receiving of text data. If this project is deemed to be successful, then users will be able to comminate without any of the messages being detectable.

My project will enable and support other students to understand how image steganography works.