Project Reference: CS22

Student’s Name: Wojciech Franczak

Project title: Air Quality Monitoring System

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Sara Hassan

Aim of this project is to provide tools which could aid in the city redevelopment where real-time monitoring could validate if the emissions are the same or lower than before.

Air quality is in decline and with current situation where our respiratory systems are at risk, pollution need to be addressed and taken into consideration for future city improvements as major factor, not as additional data.
Air Quality Monitoring System serve as solid framework to gather pollution data across the Birmingham which could aid in future redevelopment of the city. It aims to provide tools to analyse captured data and display using it appropriate graphs to ensure decision made on it will be informative. Results show how the system is viable option for individual researchers as well for organisations.

During the redevelopments such as new supermarkets or gyms, the main concern is to bring traffic in the area to its original state so everyone can commute within the same timeframe as before. Reducing travel times does not mean reducing pollution levels which need to be taken into consideration. Official Road traffic statistics ( are based on the estimations and flow of the vehicles on given roads. By utilising specialised sensors, actual level of pollution can be measured. Collected data could be used alongside weather forecasts and geological features to identify trends in specified area.