Project Reference: NCS31

Student’s Name: Andrei Lujanschii

Project title: An automated home network vulnerability scanner

Course Title: Computer Networks and Security

Supervisor’s Name: Arya Sedigh

The aim of the project is to develop and create a prototype of home network vulnerability scanner that can be utilised by the users without computer networking background.

The project is aimed to develop and create a prototype of an automated home network vulnerability scanner which can be used by anyone regardless their computer literacy. An automated home network vulnerability scanner is a device which scans home or small office network and finds potential vulnerabilities. The main idea is that home / small office computer network is not protected enough and can be easily compromised. Knowing potential vulnerabilities in a network, will give an extra layer of protection. A RAD model methodology was used to develop and create a prototype. The project also includes an investigation and research of common network vulnerabilities and the best tools for network penetration testing and technique. By using penetration testing tools and technique to scan the network, vulnerabilities of the network can be revealed. A device with vulnerable Linux operating system connected to a home network was used to demonstrate how the scanner works and how it finds vulnerabilities. The report discusses how an automated home network vulnerability scanner was built and how a user can access the output of the scan.

The Automated Home Network Vulnerability Scanner is a complete solution for any household with an Internet connection. This device will be able to scan the entire home network and identify potential threats and vulnerabilities before the system gets contaminated. The main advantages of this device are its simplicity to install and the ease of exploitation which does not require knowledge to recognise threats. The user-friendly interface will guide on how to get rid of any vulnerability if any have been found. the security of network means that all end devices are secure, therefore all private data is safe as well.