Project Reference: NCS29

Student’s Name: Matthew Openshaw

Project title: Automated attendance monitoring system using BLE

Course Title: Computer Networks

Supervisor’s Name: Sandy Taramonli

To create an attendance monitoring system that reduces the amount of time spent taking attendance and reduces the amount of invalid attendance data

Attendance monitoring has, and always will be a requirement in schools and universities to ensure students are attending classes and engaging with the topics being taught. Current attendance monitoring approaches are time consuming and can often be falsified by buddy punching or getting an attendance mark and then leaving. This has led to the development of an automated system using Bluetooth beacons and students’ mobile phones to take attendance data all the while they are within the classroom. In this paper, the automated system is defined, designed, implemented, and tested. An evaluation of the system is conducted, comparing the system to current systems in place, with the results showing how the system saves time at the beginning of lessons as well as the effectiveness and accuracy of data when attendance for students is taken the whole time they’re in attendance rather than at a singular point in the class.

My project uses Bluetooth beacons as a way to automate the attendance monitoring process within a school or university