Project Reference: NCS17

Student’s Name: Balazs Olah

Project title: Automated Provisioning of Single-Board Computers

Course Title: BSc Computer Networks

Supervisor’s Name: Ron Austin

Determine the most suitable solution for automating the provisioning process of single-board computers.

With the continuous scaling of systems within networks, it is increasingly difficult to configure, install, update, and manage the software stack on new and existing devices. Automation of this process contributes to the reduction of time and costs associated with projects which have led to the adoption of the “DevOps mentality”, encompassing modern software development practices between teams of IT operators. It is important to discuss the need for automation and modern software development approaches to address the challenges of businesses in developing new products faster and simplifying the maintenance of existing deployments. The results of this research demonstrated the use of a configuration management framework with the automation of the entire software development lifecycle, including development, testing, and deployment of a software product.

The time associated with deploying services for customers can be high, especially for Spectrum Telecommunications as engineers will be setting up, operating, and troubleshooting network monitoring software stacks on single-board computers. Automation can not only solve time constraints but also perform repetitive tasks, including all the automated unit and integration testing. This benefit allows engineers to spend more time on skill demanding operations, such as building additional features with Ansible.