Project Reference: NCS57

Student’s Name: Kamar Hussain

Project title: CCTV Surveillance Motion detection System

Course Title: Computer Networks and Security

Supervisor’s Name: Sandy.T

To try and improve the current market of motion detection systems by implementing more features, strengthening security and making the system cost-effective.

The project is a CCTV surveillance motion detection system using a raspberry pi. I will be attempting a much-improved version of the system that currently exists on the market, also to further strengthen the security of the system. I will be using a raspberry pi as the single board computer this is extremely powerful , versatile, and useable in so many different situations. I will be using a virtual motion detection system, this is done through the motion eye software which has a pre-installed motion detection system and contains other features to further support motion detection.

The benefits of my project is that it captures video footage when motion has been triggered. Able to monitor multiple camera at once. Send and alert the user with email notifications, only when motion has been detected. Save videos and imagery to local storage when motion is triggered. Be able to access the surveillance camera remotely allowing to view footage away from home or work. In addition to this, be able to access it remotely on more than one device. Ensure a buzzer sound alerts once motion is captured and detected. Finally, to allow the use of night vision to be able to detect motion in the dark.