Project Reference: CS33

Student’s Name: Robbie Singh Jass

Project title: Classroom Response System Application

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Stish Sarna

This project’s primary aim is to create a classroom response system application that can be used in classrooms to monitor students’ engagement and understanding of a specific topic(s).

This study aimed to create an android classroom response system application that would enable students to engage and participate in classroom activities. The application was designed to help students understand the subject with more hands-on experience. The clicker gave the students the ability to comprehend information taught to them in a very different way. As research has shown, classroom response systems are not new to the classroom. Electronic classroom response systems (CRS) have been tested and used in higher education classrooms since the 1960s (Deal, 2007). And the results have been promising toward students’ progress and learning and instant feedback from teachers and staff members. The agile methodology was used for this project to ensure that it fulfilled the user’s needs and criteria and the project’s goals and objectives. To get input and refine prototypes based on the feedback obtained, an iterative design methodology was used. The results of this application dictated how effective the CRS application is in the classroom and which features performed well and which could be improved. Furthermore, the project’s results demonstrated a more substantial explanation of the application’s accessibility and how it benefited the user in terms of interactivity and instant feedback. Furthermore, found enhancements could be introduced with potential updates and other techniques to ensure that the program is more sophisticated.

After publishing the final result to a handful of students, the feedback received indicated that the needs met the aims and objective of the project which were to eliminate the communication barrier between teachers and student’s engagement successfully. The feedback received varied as further improvements could be made to the application, but the overall product that has currently been created appeals to the students as it is something unique and can benefit students and staff in any learning space environment.