Project Reference: BFI18

Group / Project Name: COC TRPG Dice Table

Module: Innovation Project

We developed an interactive dice function for COC TRPG (a desktop role-playing game that uses Cthulhu as a story element). Our product features a display screen, which allows players to manipulate the dice around the table.

Cooperate with offline game halls, similar to script killing. It is designed for game rooms, as well as, individuals who want to add interaction to their game.

1. Create a real-world atmosphere that is hard to replicate in online games. 2. Simplified game flow for new players. Off-line COC TRPG is very difficult. 3. Made face-to-face gaming more interactive. We have used a circular table and a raspberry board.

Name: Liu Xiaojing
Role: Project Manager
Bio: Liu is responsible for arranging the project process and division of labor, and formulating and deciding on project related matters. She also participates in design related work.

Name: Deng Ni
Role: Designer
Bio: 1. Combine our product innovation and customer perception to come up with interesting design ideas
2. Deng is very active in her ideas and has enough interest and stamina in design and video editing
3. willing to listen to the arrangement

Name: Zheng Sujie
Role:The auxiliary
Bio: Zheng is one of the members who know coc trpg. Zheng is responsible for product design and code writing to make sure that the coc trpg ‘s theme and rules are maintained.

Name: Wang Yinuo
Role: Programmer
Bio: Wang has a fundamental understanding of programming and is good at communicating with professional programmers

Name: Zhang Kexin
Role: Finance
Bio: Zhang is responsible for procurement. His duties are to shop and choose suitable products at cheaper prices and better quality.