Project Reference: DMT43

Student’s Name: Daniel Robinson

Project title: Comparing and Evaluating different Photogrammetry workflows to produce an optimized 3D asset for VFX

Course Title: Film Technology and Visual Effects

Supervisor’s Name: Mathew Randall

To compare and evaluate a photogrammetry workflow in order to produce an optimised 3D asset that can be used in a VFX shot.

Photogrammetry is the process of obtaining information about physical objects and environments. This is done through many forms of data collection including image data and laser scans. It is used in the VFX industry to recreate physical objects in 3D space, which can be used as props or even large scale building and environments. It is a very fast and efficient way to create photorealistic 3D models to be used in films or video games. In this paper, various photogrammetry software and methods will be tested in separate stages in order to create the most effective workflow to create a 3D model through photogrammetry techniques. There is various software capable of performing each stage of the workflow, and so there performance and the product produced will be evaluated. The information gathered will then be reworked into the workflow in order to streamline it until each stage is as efficient and effective as possible.

Photogrammetry is an effective method for creating photorealistic results within VFX and Video Games. Having a better understanding of the software and tools available for this is important for anyone working in these industries. Photogrammetry is used for creating VFX assets that can be used in VFX shots that can be used along with live action film as set extensions or backgrounds for green screen elements. Photogrammetry is also very useful within 3D animations as the quality of them is constantly increasing, where it is possible to create full 3D shots that are indistinguishable from real life. It will also give the researcher the opportunity to look further into various methods of capturing the scans and editing them before they are able to be rendered. The research into this workflow will be useful for other VFX artists who will be able to see the software the researcher will have used and see which will be most effective for their pipeline. There are various software available for the separate stages of photogrammetry, this research will take some of the available software and discover which are the most effective and efficient.