Project Reference: DMT82

Student’s Name: Zeng Min

Project title: Comparing rendering techniques between 3DSMax and Maya for 3D animation

Course Title: Digital Media Technology

Supervisor’s Name: Tychonas Michailidis

The aim of this project is to analyse and compare 3DSMax and Maya rendering for 3D animation. This will be done using indoor environment lighting and object materials to compare the two against techniques used and the user experience.

This project is about how Maya and 3Dsmax rendering techniques can be better used for 3D animations and videoes. The project is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, using a closed-ended questionnaire to collect and analyze data from a sample of respondents. Through a series of studies, the authors found that Maya is much better than 3Dmax in this area of animation rendering. Finally, the authors offer solid recommendations for the use of Maya and 3Dsmax in 3D film production.

This project has allowed me to further improve my 3D skills. At the same time, I gained a better understanding of how 3D software rendering works so that I can better apply it to 3D animation films.