Project Reference: BFI20

Group / Project Name: Dark Rings

Module: Multimedia Group Project

Horizontal version of a pixel clearance game. In the game, you will experience the environment of underground caves, and fight with all kinds of strange creatures, such as bats, insects, and vampires. The goal is to get out of this land of right and wrong.

Our goal is to develop a high-quality 2D horizontal level game. During the development process, we will involve game design, character design, scene design, map design, etc. Game Design is the process of designing the content and rules of a game. Good game design involves goals for the player to complete, as well as rules in the pursuit of those goals. Game design involves several areas: game rules and gameplay, programming, productization, sound effects, screenwriting, game characters, items, Settings, and interfaces are all needed for a game design project. Each aspect requires cooperation among members. In the process of this work, we will use SAI and PS to draw the original drawing of the game characters, convert it to pixel art through Aseprite, and create the whole thing through Unity. Unity is a platform for creating and operating real-time 3D interactive content. All creators, including game development, art, architecture, car design, film, and television, use Unity to turn their ideas into reality. We’ll use Unity to visualize our ideas.

Name: 朱清逸
Role: Art team

Name: 张迎圣
Role: Art team

Name: 鲁泽宇
Role: Code team

Name: 王小龙
Role: Code team

Name: 赵法森
Role: Script team

Name: 陈心怡
Role: Art team