Project Reference: DT37

Student’s Name: Taibah Begum

Project title: Database and exam booking system

Course Title: Computing information technology

Supervisor’s Name: Liam matthews Dibbins

To deliver a successful booking system to institutions

The research attempts to design an online examination booking system for the universities. It aims and addressing the imbalance in the use of universities examination schedules for the local and foreign students. The study focuses on combining the current examination system and the new online booking platform to improve efficiency in the administration of the examination both at home and abroad. The primary functions of the new online examination center should focus on creating a positive experience, especially during the current era of COVID-19. The design and development of the online booking and payment system will improve the efficiency in the delivering of exams to all students from various countries and organizations. The digital platform will allow for interaction between the academic staff and students and reduce the inefficiency such as delays in the administration of the exams.

My projects benefits are that is saves alot of time for staff and students. Its very reliable and real time updates. My project offers simple and effective database for exams booking system, online exam booking system is preferred to the traditional online booking system, offers students and teachers with an interactive platform and exam booking platform leads to a reduction and of delays and costs.