Project Reference: NCS136

Student’s Name: Adam Martin Jones

Project title: Delivering Media via a Content Delivery Network

Course Title: Computer Networks and Security

Supervisor’s Name: Raouf Abozariba

To efficiently transfer media from a Cloud Service Provider using a Content Delivery Network and Python Script

“Content Delivery Networks have been around for years and are used from small companies to large scale organisations like Google with YouTube. They are used to provide media to the end-user in as efficient a way as possible by letting them access the media from the geographically closest server to them. While there are plenty of solutions out there, they are not all as efficient as can be or as easy to use as they require web browsers. This document will be exploring potential ways to increase efficiency while making the ease of use better for the general user to get efficiently downloaded media right to their device. The project intends to simply make an easy to use and efficient way of transferring media from a CDN. Literature is reviewed to gain an understanding which puts into place the methods used and implemented such as what CSP to use and the different technologies needed. The results of the tests show that the different elements of the Python Script developed for the project function as expected to provide the user with the easiest and most full-proof solution possible, and the testing for the sake of security for the CSP has been tested giving adequate results.”

Benefits include efficient means of transfer via channel sensing and can help detect congestion warning the user via the Signal to Noise Ratio.