Project Reference: CS11

Student’s Name: Zeshaan Ansar

Project title: Design and Build an Online Canteen Ordering System

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Besher Alhalabi

The aim of the project is to research, design, build and evaluate an online canteen ordering system for Birmingham City University by delivering a responsive functionality that allows students and staff to place online orders.

Businesses and organisations across the globe are continuously having to adjust to constant changes due to the advancements in technology. One of the ways in which they are adapting to these changes is by taking businesses online through the implementation of web applications, which enables them to reach out to a larger number of potential customers. This project report outlines the development of a canteen online ordering system that has been produced for Birmingham City. This includes the design, implementation, and testing stage of creating the product. The report will also evaluate the product finalised and possible future improvements. The application is built with multiple features and functionalities, with primary functionality allowing customers the ability to register an online account with the university. Once logged into customer panel they will have the ability to place orders. Then from admin panel the business can process the customer order and add, update, or remove menu items. The waterfall model methodology was adopted and has been applied to aid in the development of the project to ensure the aim, objectives, and requirements were met.

Undertaking this project will allow for growth of knowledge and understanding on a wide range of technologies and techniques. Some of these technologies are HTML CSS, MySQL, PHP, and UI design. Nowadays teachers and students are constantly busy working and do not have time to wait in long appointed queues in the canteen to order their meal. Also, they have limited time to eat and return to their classes, hence, the online canteen ordering system will allow them to place their orders in which they can collect it from a collection point at the canteen.