Project Reference: NCS60

Student’s Name: Robert Shinton

Project title: Development of an NTP MSF Server

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Daniel Doolan

The overall aim of the project is to develop an NTP MSF server.

Computers have very inaccurate clocks. Over a period of time, a computer clock will suffer significantly from “clock drift” meaning the time displayed will differ in comparison to another computer and the correct time. The accuracy and synchronisation of time across devices is very important in areas such as financial transaction processing, trading, data logging and many others. To prevent this from occurring a network time server is used to synchronise devices on a network with accurate time. This paper will focus on the development of an NTP MSF Server. The MSF radio signal is a standard frequency time broadcast transmitted from Cumbria which is available across the whole of the UK and throughout northern and western Europe. This will be the time source used for the server. The development of the server was a success with the MSF server successfully synchronising the system time through the use of NTP.

The development of my project required varied skills of software development and electronics in order to have a fully working network time server used to synchronise the system time on computers.