Project Reference: DMT81

Student’s Name: Juanying Quan

Project title: E-learning application: DoteAcademy

Course Title: Digital Media Technology

Supervisor’s Name: Kira Summers

The main aim of my project is to assess the usability and UI and UX evaluation of an e-learning application.

The user experience is a centric principle implemented in this project. UI and UX design combine successful online learning applications such as Microsoft Teams, ZOOM, DUOLINGO and user experience. I have focused on UI & UX in product development, starting with the user experience and focused on front-end development. Over three months I developed an e- learning application – DoteAcademy. During the project development process, I served as Product Designer, UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer, developer, and software tester. Also, I was responsible for User Experience Design, User Design Interface, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphical User Interface Design, Programming and Test. The project consists of: Login, Signup, Profile, Course, Quiz, Video page. The author has successfully constructed an e-learning application that integrates grammar quiz, online courses and learning videos, with the theme of online English learning.

My project will support schools’ curriculum for English by providing a learning tool. This is an ideal solution to aid learning especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.