Project Reference: BFI17

Group / Project Name: Girls of weather

Module: Multimedia Group Project

The goal of our project was to create an innovative multi-functional calendar that adds aromatherapy and desk lamp functions to the traditional calendar.

People can find comfort and peace in a busy life. This product will make people fall in love with paper calendars again and improve people’s quality of life.

  • Name:Ziyi Tang
  • Role:Owner
  • Bio:Project leader, responsible for the development of the program.
  • Name:Zhiyi Pan
  • Role:Project Manager
  • Bio:Responsible for assigning tasks to project team members and completing the design draft of the “Summer” part.
  • Name:Ziqi Yan
  • Role:Functional Manager
  • Bio:Responsible for material purchasing and product packaging box and LOGO design.
  • Name:Zilin Wang
  • Role:Art Group Leader
  • Bio:Responsible for supervising the art part of the project and completing the design draft of “Spring”.
  • Name:Chenxi Su
  • Role:Financial Supervisor
  • Bio:Responsible for the financial revenue and expenditure of the project, and complete the design draft of the project in winter.
  • Name:Wenxuan Chen
  • Role:Head of public relations department
  • Bio:Responsible for market research and “Autumn” design in the project design.