Project Reference: BFI25

Group / Project Name: Go pieces sorting machine

Module: Innovation Project

In conventional Go, after the game ends, the black and white pieces are mixed. It is necessary to separate the pieces manually, which is inconvenient. Our machine can solve this problem. Instead of manually sorting pieces, the machine can do it for you quickly and efficiently.

The machine can automatically sort black and white chess pieces. When the go game is done, the pieces will be put into a cylindrical transparent plastic tube. They are then analyzed by an infrared sensor and separated into black and white pieces.

When a game of chess is finished, black and white pieces are mixed together. Normally, they need to be stored separately manually, which wastes time. This machine can solve this problem.

We use a steering engine infrared sensor, _2 tube data wire A chess pieces chessboard battery shoe plate screws breadboard OLED screen _2 DuPont Line box

Name: Yiheng Li
Role: Project sponsors
Bio: Control the financial direction of the whole project, the direction of the project, lead everyone to join the products and manage the whole team.

Name: Muqing Qiu
Role: Designer
Bio: Creative design of products based on customer needs. Have a strong thinking ability to organize the experimental report

Name: Ruiquan Zhou
Role: Programmer
Bio: Based on the design of the project before and after programming to build, to achieve the innovation of the project.

Name: Zhiyan Yu
Role: Market operation
Bio: Promote and sell the product, shoot the propaganda video later.