Project Reference: BFI3

Group / Project Name: Group 2

Module: Multimedia Group Project

Creating an interactive device makes people aware of the dangers of excess cosmetics to the environment and themselves, and encourages users to reuse unused cosmetics.

Once common, sawfish have experienced a drastic decline in recent decades, only a few remaining in Northern Australia and Florida, United States. The five species are rated as Endangered or Critically Endangered by the IUCN. Sawfish are hunted for their fins (shark fin soup) and other parts that are used for traditional medicine. They also face habitat loss. Sawfish have been listed by CITES since 2007, restricting international trade. They are protected in Australia, the United States, and several other countries, meaning that sawfish caught by accident have to be released, with violations punished with hefty fines. The hardware is Kinect. Software is Unity, PR, PS, AI.

Name: Siyi Wang
Role: Technical personnel
Bio: Siyi is good at presenting her own ideas and listening to others.

Name: Yuxuan Wang
Role: Summarizer
Bio: Yuxuan is skilled at preliminary research and using questionnaire software.

Name: Mo Cheng
Role: Leader
Bio: Siyu can speak actively in group discussions and come up with novel ideas.

Name: Weiting Zhao
Role: Technical personnel
Bio: Mo is good at playing a leading role in a team and can skillfully use multiple software.

Name: Xinyi Zhong
Role: Time allocator
Bio: Weiting is good at thinking about other people’s ideas and expressing her own. She is passionate about learning new things.

Name: Siyu Li
Role: Technical personnel
Bio: Xinyi is good at making a clear plan for her time and will try her best to solve difficulties.