Project Reference: BFI8

Group / Project Name: Group Four / A JOKE

Module: Multimedia Group Project

An interactive game about school violence.

The project will enable more players to understand the problems reflected in the game. What the project needs to achieve is a game with values that is relatively complete in structure and content.

Name:Siyu Huang
Role:Screenplay / A part of art design
Bio:Siyu likes painting and literature. They have experience with designing posters and illustrations. Siyu also likes to create some “unexpected” storylines.

Name:Yuan Li
Role:Responsible for part of the art design
Bio:Yuan adept at wild style. Yuan likes playing video games and is interested in game development.

Name:Mingze Zhen
Role:Sound effects
Bio:Mingze likes to design scenarios

Name:Siyao Mao
Bio: Siyao has a creative mind and is good at using AE to make videos.

Name:Wanglue Liu
Role:Game Code
Bio:Wanglue is good at computer programming, excelling in the C language.