Project Reference: BFI10

Group / Project Name: Group2 / Bright summit

Module: Multimedia Group Project

To allow users to have a more intuitive understanding of the ancient Chinese make-up application process, we employ a camera to capture the user’s face and apply virtual makeup via gestures. This project is a combination of online and offline; the user can interact virtually with our product. Through this project, we can stimulate young users’ interest in traditional culture, as well as the older generations.

Our goal is to increase people’s interest in traditional Chinese facial makeup. We think that Kinect is a good way to make facial makeup.

We use Xbox Kinect, MacBook, 16GB SD card. We plan to build a 3D face model through unity and recognize the face through Xbox Kinect to apply the makeup to our users.

Name: Zhiyu Gao
Role: The Graphic design assistant
Bio: Zhiyu is competent woman who likes the challange of difficult tasks.

Name: Yangxiao Zhou
Role: The Editor
Bio: Yangxiao is responsible for the text editing.

Name: Heng Zhang
Role: The Project assistant
Bio: Heng is cooperating with Wansi Wu to complete the code development of the project.

Name: Yingke Xu
Role: Project market researcher
Bio: Yingke is responsible for market research and related project beneficiaries. Yingke is proud of completing the project launch work.

Name: Wansi Wu
Role: The main project developer
Bio: Wansi is responsible for Python face recognition code and Kinect related development.

Name: Lei Huang
Role: Lead graphic designer
Bio:Lei is responsible for the art style and design of the project

Name: Yuxuan Zhou
Role: Graphic design
Bio: Yuxuan is responsible for the logo and poster design.