Project Reference: BFI5

Group / Project Name: Higher sister


We will use Raspberry Pi, sensors and XiaomiÕs multifunctional gateway technology to build two fitting rooms to complete an interactive installation project with the theme of appearance and physical anxiety. We hope that women will spend more time being happy just the way they are.

Our subject area revolves around women. The name of our project is “Protagonist”. The moral is that in our lives we should be the protagonists of our own lives, not others. We have observed that with changes in aesthetics, such as the popularity of the Brandy Melville brand and the pursuit of aesthetic standards of white, thin, and thin in the social environment, women have serious anxiety about their appearance and figure. Therefore, we designed a project interactive device project on the subject of body appearance anxiety. I hope that women will not be disturbed by too many external factors. You can devote more time and attention to improving yourself.

Name: Yao Yao
Role: The group leader
Bio: Yao arranges tasks, sort the resources, and summarizes the research results. Her tasks involve a wide range of fields.

Name: Qinghua Wen
Role: Data collector
Bio: Qinghua is responsible for data collection and project material procurement.

Name: Chenlu Mai
Role: Designer
Bio: Chenlu is responsible for data collection and brand/publicity design.

Name: Wenhua Zhang
Role: Designer
Bio: Wenhua designed the site of the object location, developed the first draft of the design and was part of the data collection.

Name: Shiyi Lin
Role: Data collector
Bio: Shiyi collected data.

Name: Yihan Li
Role: Operator
Bio:Yihan is responsible for the technical content, working with sound and lighting.