Project Reference: NCS68

Student’s Name: Imran Miah

Project title: Home Automation Survelliance Camera

Course Title: Computer Networks and Security

Supervisor’s Name: Junaid Arshad

The priority aim of the project is to develop a unique solution to Home automation and security. This is regarding the realm of video surveillance monitoring for homes. In addition, the more is to develop an effective, as well as a user-friendly surveillance camera system which can be monitored and controlled using everyday devices. The aim also concludes to ensure visitors are detected at a location such as a hallway of a home, wherever the camera is installed to user’s preference. Moreover, the home automation system is to allow users to monitor multiple cameras, to allow for better range of surveillance. The target aim here is to ensure all ins and outs of a home is monitored at all times. Moreover, the aims conclude to implement motion sensors, which can survey on its own and only captures video footage when pixels are changing, and when movements are detected. A way to alert user about a possible human in proximity of camera.

A home automation surveillance camera system, which attempts to monitor and detect intruders through cameras 24/7 by using motion detection specialized enabled software. The current surveillance camera system, which exist in the market have shown to perform adequately in adaption for home security both indoor and outdoor environments. Providing features such as 24/7 monitoring of multiple cameras, playback recording and notification alerts to the homeowner. In this paper, a surveillance system is proposed for monitoring in goings and outgoings of a home through using setting up an array of cameras. The system is to be trained to identify and capture footage, only when motion is detected from frame changes. The system – systematic procedure is to then, alert a user via an email notification to their smartphone of a possible presence at one of the designated cameras installed. The user is then to be able to playback video and can download the clip. Moreover, the proposed system allows the homeowner to view all cameras at all times by logging into the surveillance system software as an Admin on their mobile device or on a desktop. The dedicated surveillance software combined with the camera, which is all powered by the Raspberry Pi. A user has the ability to make use of the various features available on the software to surveillance to how they see best fit.

The benefits involve is that it is cost effective. It does not require, a lot of money to carry out similar surveillance system project. The innovative aspects is the fact that a traditional digital recorder is not being used to power the surveillance system instead, a miniature computer board is being in a Raspberry Pi. Form factor is also another benefit as well as different to traditional CCTV system. The surveillance system its self is small, yet packs the same amount of power as well as surveillance capabilities as regular CCTV surveillance systems. This includes motion sensing, time scheduling, email notification alerts and more.