Project Reference: CS127

Student’s Name: Thomas Jay Travers

Project title: Implement and evaluate a seamless workflow for blood simulation within a designated software

Course Title: Film Production and Visual Effects

Supervisor’s Name: Lianne Forbes

The aim of this project is to construct, implement and evaluate a seamless workflow for blood simulation within a designated software Objectives

This project aims to create a blood simulation workflow in a designated software such as Houdini or Maya as they are the main two software’s this project is focused on. There are only a few papers and videos that create blood simulation, and the Maya and Houdini models are outdated as the software’s workflows have evolved from the time these video’s and papers was written. The workflow for a blood simulation depends on the look you are wanting such as a ‘spill’ or ‘splurge’ for example as there is no set Setting for this part from the viscosity value which was found in the research section. Houdini performed the best through the testing section; however, Maya could be used as a blood splash effect. The blood thickness wasn’t an issue as a set value for the viscosity has be defined through the result feedback. To create a blood spill effect, the current workflow provides too much volume and speed of the simulation. But wasn’t a failure as it scored an average of 6.4% from the participants.

This project will be beneficial to anyone wanting to learn Houdini but more specifically blood. This workflow uses version 18.5.532 of Houdini; older methods don’t work as well due to the software changing. This project uses the shelf tools to create the liquid but uses a different method to create velocity for the blood fluid. As Houdini has made changes, it makes adding velocity difficult for beginners following old Plurasight videos.