Project Reference: CS12
Student’s Name: Alex Banda
Project title: Improving Medical Relations – A software application that connects the patient to medical professionals at the touch of the fingertips, all in the comfort of one’s home
Course Title: Computer Science
Supervisor’s Name: George Squires

To improve medical relations by the use of a java application which allows patients to be seen in the comfort of their own home if they do not need to attend a clinic or hospital, this will also help medical staff in being able to deal with a lot more patients.

It is a software application that connects the user to their medical professional whether that’s a doctor or nurse. users can interact with each other through the chat features as well as being able to book appointments and add medical reports for the patient-user to view at any time.

The application is going to benefit several organizations such as general practitioners, health clinics, and the national health service, and allowing them to be able to deal with patients a lot more efficiently. The application will allow for consultation between the medical staff and patient, thus giving them the tools to be able to give a diagnosis, as at the moment facing the current conditions due to the pandemic patients have not been able to attend hospital or clinics unless their illness is severe so, appointments have been made through phone calls or video calls which makes it a bit challenging because medical staff is unable to give a correct diagnosis without being able to examine the patient so they have been backlogged because patients cannot come in for an examination unless they have to, so this means that some patients are left waiting a lot longer before they can be treated. This application will enable them to be able to be referred to a clinic or hospital if needed, as well as if the illness is not severe they can get referred the medication they need and be able to pick it up from their nearest pharmacy.