Project Reference: DT77

Student’s Name: Nkechi Christabel Ikem

Project title: Improving profile matching for vacant job roles by designing a mobile application intended to create smart resumes for job seekers

Course Title: BSc (Hons) Computing & Information Technology

Supervisor’s Name: Fiaz Afsar

This project aims to analyse, design, and evaluate the proposal of a mobile application that improves profile matching for job roles by allowing customers to input video data to create a personalised smart video resume.

In recent years, electronic resumes have been introduced and have become increasingly popular. However, this has created the issue of impersonalised employment processes and unsatisfactory employment appointments. In this paper, a smart video resume has proposed. This project aimed to design an application that will create smart video resumes that intends to improve job matching in the recruitment process. The project followed UI/UX Design approaches to ensure that usability problems were identified and corrected, resulting in the design of a user-friendly app. Smart video resumes have been evaluated as a concept and the design of the application has been evaluated via digital interactive prototypes converted from designed wireframes. The results demonstrate the possible effectiveness of the proposed smart video resume solution as well as the proposed design of a mobile application in the recruitment process.

Smart Video Resumes is an innovative approach to streamlining the recruitment process and recognizing the right candidates before employment.