Project Reference: BFI–

Group / Project Name: Intelligent Protection System

Module: Innovation Project

Our product monitors the bathroom space. If a user becomes unresponsive the system will notify the emergency contacts.

The system detects movement after a user enters the enclosed space. After looking at several methods, we found that sensing changes in light is the most accurate way to track activity.

The light sensor on top of the device is combined with a timing system, that prompts system software if it does not detect motion after a given period of time.

Name: Senyuan Tian
Role: Leader
Bio: Senyuan’s main task is to lead team. He is also responsible for product design, coding, and market research.

Name: Yuexing Du
Role: Group member
Bio: Yuexing’s main tasks are research and development. Yuexing’s likes music, painting, and table tennis.

Name: Haoyou Xv
Role: Group member
Bio: Haoyou’s main tasks are logo design, financial planning, market research, and product shooting. Haoyou lives a slow life and likes to sleep and play games.

Name: Yushi Xian
Role: Group member
Bio: Yushi’s main tasks are poster design, packaging design, text editing, and market research. Yushi’s interests are movies, photos, and Live House.

Name: Yuxin Cao
Role: Group member
Bio: Yuxin’s main tasks are advertising, market research, and text editing.

Name: Jia Liu
Role: Group member
Bio: Jia’s main tasks are code design and market research. Jia is a cold programmer who loves to play games.

Name: Junxin Zheng
Role: Group member
Bio: My main tasks are code design and market research.Like playing games, especially League of Legends, pla ying AD position.