Project Reference: BFI13

Group / Project Name: Intelligent sensor mask trash can

Module: Innovation Project

This trash can collects used masks, disinfects, and shreds them. We have also implemented a reward system where points can be accumulated for rewards.

After the masks enter the bin they will be disinfected and shredded, so that that they cannot be reused.

People throw away a large number of discarded masks every day. Disposable masks take a long time to disintegrate. If discarded carelessly, they pollute the environment. In order to solve the problem of discarded masks, we install a disposing bin for masks. Our team used the Arduino and RFID module.

Name: Xu Yuxuan
Role: Project Manager
Bio: Xu is responsible for market research, programming, and component assembly.

Name: Zhang Zijian
Role: Graphic Design
Bio: Zhang is designing the plane part of the project and enthusiastic about the team.

Name: Yao Jiayi
Role: Graphic Design
Bio: Yao is responsible for the poster, logo, and assembly of the prototype.

Name: Shen Yuxin
Role: Copywriting
Bio: Shen is helping with the research and the materials, as well as the copywriting.

Name: Zhang Yuyan
Role: Coding