Project Reference: BFI21

Group / Project Name: IoT Private Room For Head

Module: Innovation Project

We developed an adjustable sound-absorbing box to cover the head. It can also play music and display time.

In dormitory life, there will inevitably be different personal habits. For example, some people will snore while others are easily affected by noise and lose sleep. At this time, the device can help users to establish an independent space and reduce the interaction inside and outside the device.

This project was inspired by real life. My roommate snores, which keep me up late at nights. I have tried many solution and products that can be used for sound insulation, such as earplugs, sound-absorbing cotton, etc. These products have obvious defects, so conceived a unique product that does not exist in the market. Considering the light filtering characteristics of the product, adding the time function is a good idea. I selected the LCD dot matrix screen because it can be manually switched on and off and provide a broader range of functionality. The second feature is a music player that can offset the noise. The music player uses raspberry pie, which has a visual interface and high sound quality. Because raspberry pie is a microcomputer additional features can be added later, i.e., watching videos.

Name: Yizhou Chen
Role: Code and design
Bio: Yizhou is responsible for building, model making, code writing, market research and the project plan.

Name: Shiyuan Wang
Role: Code and logo
Bio: Shiyuan communicates with the team members and conducts the market investigation. They also adjust and control the style and content of the publicity poster.

Name: Yi Zhu
Role: Project planning paper
Bio: Yi is responsible for the project proposal, integration of the final closure of the project, the integrity, and integrity of the project. Part of the responsibilities includes the product description and management.

Name: Wanbeining Zhang
Role: Publicity & copywriting
Bio: Wanbeining is designing the poster in cyberpunk style, using a lot of bright color contrast, to reflect the feeling of future technology.

Name: Yujie Zheng
Role: Market Research
Bio: Yujie is in charge of market research, comparing product performance and pricing across platforms, and interviewing audiences.

Name: Zimo Zhang
Role: Market Research
Bio: Zimo is responsible for managing customer expectations and the market competitiveness of the product by conducting market research.