Project Reference: BFI–

Group / Project Name: Library seating

Module: Innovation Project

Our product is a library reservation system. Users can reserve and cancel reservations directly via mobile phone. Another feature is real-time seating and table availability.

The product is a two-way control reservation system that takes into account a variety of situations to make library seatting reservations more simple.

Often the library is full, and students waste time looking for available seats. This reservation system allows to see availability and make a booking in the library directly on the Internet, allowing them to save time and facilitate management.

Name: Ruonan Yuan
Bio: Ruonan arranges and assigns tasks for team members, and she is involved in the design work. She is also responsible for summarizing the ideas of the team.

Name: Jiachen Li
Bio: Jiachen is good at painting and is responsible for the art design of the logo, and the mobile page.

Name: Ying Liu
Bio: I am a sophomore student and I am good at some AI design and logo design in the group

Name: Xunhan Wu
Bio: Xunhan is doing a part of the project design and overall framework building.

Name: Siyuan Zhuang
Bio: Ying is good at some AI design and logo design in the group.