Project Reference: CS89

Student’s Name: Mohammed Hussain

Project title: Live Attendance Tracker

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Jagdev Bhogal

The aim of my project is to develop and evaluate a tracking system that can be utilized by security teams of companies. This will enable to acknowledge the number of individuals currently residing wihtin the building when an emergency situation arises.

Having a live person counter is essential for educational organizations and retailers of any size for security purposes of occurrences of evacuations. As well as this it will give retailers the ability to analyse data and make crucial decisions. In this paper a live attendance tracker is proposed to detect human interaction via upon entry or exits doors using HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensors. Two evaluations methodologies are carried out utilizing methods such as Blackbox testing specifically functional testing as well as a Qualitative data technique, System usability scale questionnaire (SUS). The functional testing covers all essential aspects of the system respectively, whilst the SUS questionnaire focuses on grasping prime users of the systems feedback regarding the experience of using the system, inlcuding the internal design. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented methods for the systems motion detection script and a proposed GUI design.

This System is most useful when an emergency has occurred as it allows Company Safety Officers to know how many individuals remain in the building. Another benefit which can be derived from this is tracking attendance growth for stores when companies open new offers, giving them a better understanding of what attracts more customers.