Project Reference: BFI12

Group / Project Name: LUCKY

Module: Multimedia Group Project

The project is a mobile APP game. The main characters of the game are the blind man and his electronic guide dog. The player controls the electronic guide dog in the third-person perspective to lead the blind man. There are various obstacles on the way, and the player has to guide the blind person around the obstacles and complete the quests.

It is difficult for the blind to travel in China, therefore we came up with the idea of using electronic guide dogs to help the blind. After discussion, we decided to make a game of electronic guide dogs to popularize the problem of blind travel among young people.
The software we use are: Pr,Ps,Ai,UE4,3DMAX.

Name: Kexin Chen
Role: Leader
Bio: Kexin is a student from BIFCA and the team leader. Kexin is responsible for the project research.

Name: Yuanyuan Xiao
Role: Manager
Bio: I am a student from BIFCA, and I work as a manager in a group and do some reports and meeting minutes.

Name: Yue Pan
Role: designer
Bio: Yue is good at design and dexterous with PS, LR, and AI.

Name: Lingui Xiang
Role: investigators
Bio: Lingui is in charge of marketing in the group.

Name: Jiaorong Zou
Role: The technician
Bio: Jiaorong is responsible for code development.

Name: Danyi Qin
Role: The technician
Bio: Danyi is responsible for code development.