Project Reference: CS115

Student’s Name: Tanzilur Rhaman Khan

Project title: Meal Planner

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Hajinder Singh

Look into the effectiveness of Artificial Intelligents for tackling the issues of individual diets.

Fitness application has been a growing industry that has failed to contain obesity, a disease which is spreading across the world population. Previous reports show there is a rise in the number of fitness application users and the benefit it is having on the health of the world population. However, obesity remains on track to become dominant and effect a huge majority of the population with devastating impact on the healthcare costs. Fitness applications are failing to contain obesity due to lack of dietary solutions tailored towards individual users. This paper looks at how effective Artificial intelligence is in tackling the issues of lack of features to aid individual user diets. Neural network is the specific type of algorithm researched. User interface for such application is proposed with user testing, and results are evaluated.

Artificial intelligence is another growing industry as found in the research. It focuses a lot on making users experience better. Neural Networking is seen as the next big thing in the technology industry particularly Neural Networking. While there are a lot of areas where artificial intelligence is heavily involved there are still a lot of areas that are still trying to fully integrate AI into the market. The research also found that a big part of AI’s issue of privacy is being solved which is huge for fitness applications as they contain a lot of personal data that the AI would need to avoid collecting this is huge for the industry and will allow the meal planner app to integrate. This implementation of next generation artificial intelligence will give the meal planning app an edge of competitors. AI text recognition is vastly improving with the next generation said to be the most powerful one, yet this is going to be released as a commercial API allowing anyone to use this which will allow the application to be more engaging and easier for AI to understand different typing technique.