Project Reference: BFI14

Group / Project Name: Menstrual Guard

Module: Innovation Project

We combine mutual assistance activities with automated vending machines to make mutual assistance activities more intelligent. Product functions: tracking the number of sanitary napkins in the box, positioning the product, scanning the code to get sanitary napkins and recording user information.

Our product’s purpose is to protect womenÕs dignity and privacy. We help women who find themselves needing a sanitary pad but lacking one in their possession. We are a not-for-profit organization and we rely on sponsorship from womenÕs associations or private companies. In return, we raise product awareness and the public image of our sponsors’.

Our inspiration comes from the tissue vending machine on the subway, the shared power bank device popular in China, and the university campus sanitary napkin mutual aid activity popular on Weibo. A few days before the project started, I saw that the mutual aid box of the auntÕs towel in the womenÕs toilet of the Clothing Building on the Nanhu Campus of Wuhan Textile University was left unused. The defects can be solved by automated equipment. We use some parts of the vending machine, including springs and motors. We will also use esp8266 boards, ultrasonic sensors, color LCD screens, and microservo.

Name: Yue Liang (Ukiko)
Role: Manager & Programmer
Bio: Yue is keen on detective novels, National Geographic magazine, music rhythm games, badminton, Star Wars, and cats.
As part of the team, Yue works with team members to make sure that they can complete their tasks and helps them with difficulties. She also assists editors with the pitch, strategic plan and helps with programming functions.

Name: Jingyi Xie (Stella)
Role: Editor & Photographer
Bio: Jingyi is interested in photography, music, and exercise.
In this team, Jingyi is responsible for completing clerical work, including translating English documents, completing the pitch, and strategic plan. She also has the additional task of filming the vlog.

Name: Zhishan Deng (Siv)
Role: Designer & Editor
Bio: Zhishan likes to travel and watch movies. She is responsible for the design of the leaflet and the procurement of materials. At the same time, she assisted Jing with the product description.

Name: Haohan Zhang (Jonathan)
Role: Programmer
Bio: He loves anime, ACT games (DARK SOULS, Nioh, Sekiro, MHW), and drawing. Haohan is responsible for the programming, wiring of external equipment, and testing.

Name: Shenglin Yan (Joseph)
Role: Designer & Communicator
Bio: Shenglin is keen on listening to music, watching movies, playing games (csgo, l4d2). Shenglin is mainly responsible for wiring, web design, and the product poster. He also communicates with the teacher in English.