Project Reference: BFI23

Group / Project Name: Mirror Assistant

Module: Innovation Project

Mirror assistant is a household appliance designed for senior citizens who need daily care. It is a combination of a smartphone, a pill dispenser, and a daily reminder. The functionality has been designed with the elderly in mind, making it intuitive and convenient for them to use, even if they forget the steps. This product will shorten the distance between the senior citizens and their children, making it easier to keep in contact, offering customized care for the people you love.

Although the Mirror Assistant cannot solve the problem of support for senior citizens completely, it does facilitate caring for middle-aged adults and relieves the stress from being separated from their loved ones. Our product offers daily care, assisting with medication-taking and daily tasks as well as sending real-time feedback information. For young people, we offer an application and a website for purpose of contacting and monitoring their parents. The core features are a pill dispenser and daily reminders. All the functionalities are elderly-friendly and can be customized for individual needs.

The inspiration for Mirror Assistant came from real life. My grandpa needs to take different kinds of pills and sometimes he mixes them up. Research indicates that the amount of older population is increasing rapidly and many elderly have trouble using smart devices. The inability of the elderly in using technology makes it hard for their children to contact them and look after them, especially for those who live apart from their parents. Our product shares the same design concept with the MagicMirror2, but with functionality designed for the elderly. The mirror assistant employs a screen as part of the mirror to display data. The product uses Raspberry Pi and is coded with Python. The key feature of the Mirror assistant is the self-medication system, consisting of the daily reminder, a medicine identifier, and a pill dispenser. Apart from that, it displays the weather and time in real-time. Seniors can also contact their children through the product. Young people can also create and monitor daily schedules/reminders for their parents. The key components used in this project are color identifier, light sensor, step motor, and an infrared sensor.

  • Name: Yang Jinxue
  • Role: Webdeveloper
  • Bio: Yang Jinxue is responsible for the website and managing the finance. She loves her cat named Orange.
  • Name: Qian Jing
  • Role: Lead Designer
  • Bio: Qian Jing is good at PS and AI. She is responsible for design the posters, logos, and writing some of the promotions. Her hobbies are photography and calligraphy, and one day she wants to have a dog.
  • Name: Wang Yue
  • Role: Designer
  • Bio: Wang Yue has experience in designing promotional posters. She will be managing the 3D modeling and poster design. She loves to drink milk tea.
  • Name: Liu Danqing
  • Role: Project Manager & head developer.
  • Bio: Liu Danqing can program in Python and has experience with Arduino. She has also helped build the official website of BIFCA. Lui dreams of being a student in Gryffindor and watching Quidditch in Hogwarts