Project Reference: NCS–

Student’s Name: Jack Lloyd

Project title: Open Web Application Security Mitigating Against Attacks

Course Title: Computer Network and Security

Supervisor’s Name: Raouf Abozariba

Creation of Vulnerability Scanner to Detect XSS Threats. Through the implementation of scanning websites to successfully find exploits that are needed to be investigated. To prevent from unauthorised access

The creation of a vulnerability scanner will be implemented as a valuable solution in providing businesses a way of saving money and time to detect exploits on their own website before it’s too late. To identify the specific attacks being executed such as XSS cross site scripting and SQL Injection. The attacks to web applications are increasing at a greater rate along with advancement in technology. Including the ability to gain the best results back of different vulnerabilities that have been detected through different scanned URL websites. An evaluation had been conducted with the architecture of different XSS attacks that has been included with the vulnerability scanner itself. In detecting DOM Based , Reflected and Stored XSS vulnerabilities successfully in finding suitable mitigation methods that can be put in place to prevent these exploits from targeting web applications hosted by organisations across the internet. A comparison of the designed vulnerability scanner will also be compared to another scanner from another user in describing the different features that can be used for ongoing research of XSS scanners being created in the future.

  • Has a CLI Interface
  • Has Multi-Threading – Scan Quicker Compared To Other Scanners
  • Implementation Of Grabbing Payloads Through GitHub