Project Reference: DMT32

Student’s Name: Simrandeep Singh
Project title: Optimising University Lectures and Classes Through Real Time Student Feedback

Course Title: Business Information Technology

Supervisor’s Name: Liam Matthews-Dibbins

The aim of this project is to produce a cross platform mobile application which will enable university students to leave real time feedback on their lectures/classes.

In the UK university students currently have various ways to leave feedback on their lectures and classes. These methods comprise of the National Student Survey, end of module reviews, support groups and one to one meetings. As it stands within Birmingham City University there is no method for students to leave instant feedback of the lecture or class they have attended. A number of students at Birmingham City University were given a questionnaire to gain a better insight of their views of their current feedback system and what they thought about a mobile application being able to leave real time feedback. The main aim for this project was to produce a user-friendly mobile application which can be widely used within Birmingham City University to enhance the student’s lecture experience. Often when students leave feedback of their lessons, they feel like they are more in charge of their education. As consumers of universities students should be able to give their honest opinions and suggest ways to their lecturers on how to improve the way their lecture is taught. A literature review has been completed which showcases the themes regarding the topic of real time feedback. The Agile methodology was implemented for this design project that helped plan for the phases of designing, implementing and testing. The results of the final artefact present a well- designed mobile application which has room for improvements but has the capability of augmenting lectures and classes at the University.

With the implementation of this mobile application within Birmingham City University it has the ability to change the way lessons and lectures are taught. Students can improve their grades and tutors their teaching style, the mobile application will allow students to leave real time feedback. Head of faculties can then review answers and analyse trends which are occurring to enhance student experience at university.