Project Reference: BFI6

Group / Project Name: Painting wonderland

Module: Multimedia Group Project

We developed a game inspired by Dunhuang murals that tells the story of a nine-color deer. There are four levels, and each level has interactions between different characters.

Our team took the Dunhuang murals as inspiration, rendering Dunhuang mural-style art elements into the game along with elements of western fairy tales. The story follows the nine-color deer through the game. Our intention is to promote traditional Chinese culture and to show the beauty of Dunhuang culture. In the production process, we used the painting software procreate on the iPad and the unity client with C# as the programming language.

Name: Zhancheng Zhang
Role: Programmer
Bio: Zhancheng is an avid learner with basic programming knowledge.

Name: Yangcheng Hao
Role: Art Designer
Bio: Yangcheng is responsible for designing the scenes in the game, and visual enjoyment.

Name: Yuanping Zhou
Role: Promotion
Bio: Yuanpingis responsible for the promotion, and adverising.

Name: Shuheng Chen
Role: Programmer & scene designer
Bio: Shuheng is responsible for code writing and debugging, as well as scene drawing.

Name: Yijing Ruan
Role: Art designer
Bio: Yijing is responsible for drawing characters.

Name: Jiawei Fu
Role: Game Designer & Programmer
Jiawei is responsible for game concept development, design, and programming.