Project Reference: NCS120

Student’s Name: Zeerak Anwer

Project title: Park On The Go

Course Title: Computer network and security

Supervisor’s Name: Peggy Zhu

The aim for ParkOnTheGo is to create an interactive app for smart parking which has been developed with thorough research and good design structure. The

ParkOnTheGo is an smart parking mobile application prototype and the aim of this project is to introduce a system that could be used by drivers to book their parking bay from home, on their mobile phone before they set out for their destination. ParkOnTheGo will provide its users with several car parks near their location and each car park will have zones A-Z with each zone that has 20 rows and 20 parking bays each. An application has been developed using Marvel software where over a hundred pages have been manually developed and developed according to the user requirements and the design specifications in this report. Research has been carried out in this report which suggests that an effective smart parking could help reduce traffic congestion, have economic and environmental benefits

The researches about the themes and ideas of smart parking that I have reviewed above only go to show that smart parking is the way moving forward when it comes to finding a solution to all the issues drivers face on road regarding parking.