Project Reference: CS13

Student’s Name: Waqaar Ali

Project title: Pentagon!: Real-Time E-Learning Platform

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Besher Alhalabi

Develop a web application that can be used by multiple organizations, such as colleges and universities, to allow organization owners (or any one part of their hierarchy with permissions) to teach students away from campus.

E-Learning/Distance Learning is one of the largest widely used methods to distribute content quickly to students/teachers vice versa – that being at the institute or away from the institute, a platform is always one of the top priorities of educational institutes. Recently, there were at least 978M learners affected globally during the period of 2020. Many struggles arose including lack of equipment, not being prepared for such circumstances which led to a poor education on the receiving end for the student.
In popular platforms such as Moodle, there is limited support for real-time. In this project, I have attempted to resolve this through the creation of a real-time learning platform. This was achieved using Web Sockets with a wrapper called This assisted in the creation of a platform that integrates real-time communication between institute leaders and their students, vice versa. We have implemented multiple different features on Web Sockets such as Real-time Notifications, Assignment Submissions, Feedback, Alerts, Chat System etc.
The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of web sockets in modern technology and the benefits they could bring if they were implemented into popular platforms.

The project uses cutting edge technologies such as Single Page Application Framework Nuxt.js,, MongoDB and ExpressJS to assemble a modern platform that will allow real time interaction amongst users. The benefit that the project provides is that it uses up-to-date and in-trend software which will target a larger audience and provide a smoother experience in comparison to server-sided languages that do not have a frontend framework.