Project Reference: BFI–

Group / Project Name: Personal Sleeping Cabin

Module: Innovation Project

The sleeping cabin is designed for dormitories and motels. The main audience is students and migrant workers. The main functions are sound insulation, light and dark control, and ventilation.

We have focused on developing solutions for sound insulation, privacy, and ventilation. We also designed adjustable light for maximum comfort and an LCD screen that serves multiple purposes.

Inspired by the foldable box in Chaplin’s movies, we designed a foldable product that is easy to carry. For students, the product offers essential factors such as light, sound insulation, power socket, and ventilation fan. The lights and fans are controlled remotely, offering great value at a low price.

Name: Leon
Role: Project manager
Bio: Project conception,Participate in, coordinate, organize and communicate the division of labor

Name: Samantha
Role: leader
Bio: Clarify the division of labor of each person, organize team tasks
Responsible for poster design

Name: Sandra
Role: Designer
Bio: Responsible for logo and other visual design

Name: Zoe
Role: Programmer
Bio: Responsible for fan, lamp code programming

Name: Dazio
Role: Problem analyst
Bio: Responsible for proposing potential problems and designing visual display board

Name: Caroline
Role: Purchasing Manager
Bio:Responsible for hardware purchase, price comparison and sticker design