Project Reference: BFI19

Group / Project Name: Remote gas alarm

Module: Innovation Project

This product automatically detects gas concentration and sends text messages, acting as a long-range fire alarm system. It lets people know in advance of possible risks and take timely measures to minimize losses. It does not only offer the gas detection function but can also detect smoke in the air, allowing for risk monitoring at any time.

The installation of fire detectors is complex. Various sensors have deficiencies and functionalities. We’re going to focus on carbon monoxide, the most common cause of death.

There are many emergencies caused by gas leaks and accidental fires, which cause great harm to the economy and personal safety. We developed an instrument to detect the gas concentration in real-time. Whenever excessive gas is detected, the system will automatically send the danger information to the designated telephone number, so that people can get the information and take action. If there is a fire, our product sends notifications that warn our users allowing them to take protective measures, which can reduce economic loss and harm.

Name: Shuhan Kang
Role: Project Manager. 
Bio: Shuhan controls the financial direction and development of the whole project, as well as, manages the whole team, and offers help and support. Shuhan likes cute pets and has two dogs at home. He likes listening to music, watching movies, and traveling. Shuhan is happiest thing is eating delicious food.

Name: Sha Zhu
Role: Team Leader – Programmers.
Bio: Mainly based on the design of the project before and after the end of programming construction, to achieve the innovation of the project, but also planning the marketing strategy of the project. Like reading novels and playing games. “Being able to sleep until you wake up naturally is one of the most enjoyable things in the world”.

Name: Yuling Yin
Role: Team Leader – Market operation.
Bio: Yuling carries out market research and has a deep understanding of the product. Yuling is also responsible for the promotion and sales of the products, as well as the logo design. Yuling collects hand-drawn illustrations, and watches Japanese anime. Their favorite band is the Japanese band, Roselia. Yuling spends her free time drawing, listening to songs, and playing games.

Name: Yixi Deng
Role: Team Leader – Market operation.
Bio: Yixi is responsible for market research and has a deep understanding of the product. Yixi is also responsible for the promotion and sales of the products, as well as the copywriting. Yixi likes music, piano, volleyball (even though they are not good at it)

Name: Jiasheng Yuan
Role: Team Leader – Designer.
Bio: Jiasheng is responsible for the product drawings, packaging design, and poster publicity design. Jiasheng likes singing and listening to songs, watching movies, reading novels, exercising in their spare time.