Project Reference: CS118

Student’s Name: Mohammed Khaqan Riaz

Project title: Security Analysis & Penetration Testing of a Smart Device

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Junaid Arshad

The main aim of this study is to research and then analyse any vulnerabilities in the chosen smart device

IoT devices are beginning to appear in more and more household yearly. Appearing in various forms such as Home automation systems, smart speakers, video doorbells, smart lights etc. These devices are being introduced to make our daily lives slightly easier and allow us to complete simple tasks in a much more efficient manner. However, we must ask ourselves, how secure are these devices? To determine how secure smart devices are, penetration testing will be carried out on a specific smart device. Penetration testing is the process of assessing the system for any vulnerabilities/susceptibilities which may allow an attacker(s) to gain access to the system and access/manipulate any sensitive information that is being stored. In this paper, penetration testing has been carried out on a smart light, with the findings being showcased further in the report. The results will demonstrate whether a smart light is secure or whether it can be accessed by someone attempting to brute force their way into the system.

This study will benefit groups of consumers that are interested in purchasing a smart device that can be used in the comfort of their own home; a factor that must be taken into consideration is security. When looking for a cheaper alternative, this can be a factor that is often forgotten about. Subsequently, this study can be used to raise awareness for customers that are looking to purchase smart devices that will be placed in the privacy of their own home. As well as this, this paper can be used to show consumers the exploits an attacker can carry out, once they have managed to make access into the consumers home networks.