Project Reference: BFI27

Group / Project Name: Shuibao

Module: Innovation Project

Our product detects the soil moisture and waters the plant when the soil is dry. The sensor monitors the moisture of the plant. When the plant is short of water, it will pump water from the water tank for automatic watering. When the water tank is short of water, it will send a reminder message to the mobile phone.

The problem lies in the accurate measurement of soil moisture. The moisture analyzer provides convenient watering to improve efficiency. We believe that monitoring plant data is the first step to a healthier plants.

Features of the product_
_It can take care of multiple plants at the same time.
_It can send notifications to your mobile phone.
_Convenience and automation.
_It is convenient for busy adults who and have no time to take care of their plants.

Name: Xiyu Zhang
Role: Project Manager
Bio: Xiyu is the project manager and is mainly responsible for communication, purchasing, supervision, as well as, secretarial work.

Name: Junyu Chen
Role: Project Development
Bio: Junyu is managing the poster and video shooting. Junyu also likes cats and hopes to have one in the future.

Name: Zhixuan Chen
Role: Development
Bio: Zhixuan is a student of digital media, who has experience with Arduino. Zhixuan is talented with AI, PS, and other image editing software. Zhixuan is managing the programming, and responsible for the strategic plan. Zhixuan likes cats.

Name: Shuo Han
Role: Image Design
Bio: Shuo likes animation and design. Shuo will use PS, AI, & PR, to design the logo and product images.

Name: KeLan Hu
Role: Head of Copyright
Bio: KeLan is mainly responsible for coding, and project management. KeLan has in HTML, Ps, & Ai. KeLan hopes to develop these skills further through this project.

Name: Tiange Mao
Role: project development
Bio:Tiange is a novice programmer, but has done several projects and continues learning to improve his code and project development. Tiange likes good food that brings happiness.