Project Reference: BFI26

Group / Project Name: Smart Fish Tank

Module: Innovation Project

Smart fish tanks are designed for novice fish farming and fish farmers. It can detect water quality, regulate ph values, send reports, and sustain aquatic plants.

Our project can be used in a small fish tank or large aquarium. It can also be used to detect the water quality of the river.

Name:Yujie Liang
Role:Team Manager
Bio: Yujie came up with the main ideas and plans for the whole project, she coordinates the team, and is responsible for task planning and integration.

Name: Ruiwen Liu
Role: Graphics and Copy
Bio: Ruiwen is good at technical tasks. She is responsible for graphics, web design, scriptwriting, and video post-editing.

Name: Chuchu Chen
Role: Team Member
Bio: Chuchu, who specializes in drawing and learning more about theory, will be in charge of graphic design, web development and video post-production.

Name: Zonglin LI
Role: Team Member
Bio: Zonglin likes to keep some small animals and plants. He has two turtles. He will be responsible for code programming and product run testing.

Name: Yang Wu
Role: Team Member
Bio: Yang and Yujie had the same idea, so they hit it off immediately. He is better at product development, he will be responsible for the physical assembly of the product and various components of the purchase registration, he will also carry out product code testing.