Project Reference: CS20
Student’s Name: Joshua James Margan
Project title: Smartwatch accessibility tool with an incorporated panic button system
Course Title: Computer Science
Supervisor’s Name: Mohammed Abdelsar

The main aim of this project is to develop a watch that can be used not only to tell the time but has the added benefit of an incorporated panic button system. The product will aid individuals with and without visual impairments.

“Crime rates in Birmingham and the United Kingdom, in general, are too high, the issue is that there is little to no technology that supports groups of people that are often overlooked, such as visually impaired individuals, but also non impaired individuals. The product can be used to not only tell the time but functions as a panic system to aid the wear in the event of a crime or emergency. The main objective of this project is to provide a product, that both target groups (visually impaired and non-impaired individuals) can use and to reduce the high crime rates at the same time. To meet these objectives a smart watch with an incorporated panic button system was developed to make individuals feel confident and protected, especially when walking alone at night.

By implementing a LoRa module into the smartwatch as well as setting up gateways and repeaters within an indoor environment, the device will be monitored by an AI that logs the behaviour of the wearer whilst monitoring their physical health via biometric sensors. A focus group allowed different concept designs and demo modules to be evaluated and discussed. Whilst, also analysing the functions available and their importance to each participant. In conclusion, the results show the prowess of a device like this and how desperately needed by various communities such as; carers, patients and even the visually impaired. “

“The smartwatch consists of different innovative aspects to help the wearer, family and emergency responders. This isn’t just an everyday watch they can just tell the time and help the everyday person. This is a smartwatch that can aid the visually and non impaired, by giving them an opportunity to be more independent and confident when alone or walking the streets.

There are plenty of watches that use braille or text to speech to help the visually impaired tell the time. There are companies that produce watches that revolutionize how braille is used such as the DOT smartwatch and Bradley watch. But none come to the idea of making a smartwatch that uses different types of biometric information and different display formats to not only give the wearer a means of seeing the time, but also a means of asking for help. This project takes inspiration from the DOT smartwatch and brings an aid to both sighted and non so they can both be helped in any situation.

Firstly, this device allows the wearer to press a button that allows a panic alert to be sent to emergency contacts or admins of the system. By letting the wearer to manually trigger an alert, it allows immediate medical assistance to be delivered. This smartwatch also comes equipped with a GPS chip that allows the device to be tracked, ensuring that if anyone goes missing or wonders too far, the wearer could be found without wasting time and reassures the family. Not only does the GPS and manual alarm allow the wearer to be safe encase of a medical emergency. If a crime occurred the wearer could then be found quickly and the unsub would potentially be caught or stopped. By having the means to prevent a crime to occur this would reduce criminal hotspots and lower the heavy concentration of crime within the city.

The incorporation of biometric sensors further allows the smartwatch to protect the wearer by monitoring the wearer’s bmp, blood pressure, oxygen intake and body temperature. It ensures if any abnormalities exist the smartwatch would send an alert to ensure the wearer is safe. If the alert is a false alarm then the added benefit of this system still stands as it ensures the wearer is not in danger.”