Project Reference: DT48

Student’s Name: Ionut Danilescu

Project title: Stream data processing for smart cities applications

Course Title: Computing and Information Technology
Supervisor’s Name: Waldo Cervantes

This project aims to develop a system based on data streaming tools and techniques by researching the available platforms for stream data processing and the requirements for their implementation in the context of smart systems applications.

“The rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the rising volume and diversity of big data sources have developed multiple challenges in storing, managing and processing different types of data gathered by the sensors in smart cities on a daily basis. The general properties of big data cause the managing of the data even more complicated. Different processing platforms have started to support more advanced data processing techniques to promote end-users implementing geospatial data processing applications. In this paper, a literature review is conducted by analysing different types of smart city applications and theirrequirements alongside a stream data processing prototype developed using Azure cloud service testing its suitability on taking intelligent decisions for improving different areas of a smart city. The system is then evaluated by measuring latency and throughput alongside other metrics using IoT generated data followed by a discussion based on the results on its performance compared with similar systems in a smart city environment. The paper concludes in why the system can be used in smart cities and it also provides recommendations for future work in this field.”

The main benefit of this project is that is provides the end-users the possibility to process big data in an easier way using up-to-date technologies and tools.